The Steam Museum | Joint the CERVIA Supporters Group!
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Joint the CERVIA Supporters Group!

Join the new “Cervia Supporters Group” and help support the hard work of volunteers preserving Steam Tug “Cervia” and the Dunkirk Little Ship M.Y. “Sundowner”.

Sundowner and Cervia have dedicated and regular volunteer crew who unstintingly give of their time and effort to look after and maintain these nationally important vessels. A wider “Supporters Group” is currently being set up under the able direction of Mike Houckham to generate increased interest, recruit additional volunteers and raise funds for the long-term care of Cervia – the last remaining ocean-going steam tug which has been associated with Ramsgate since the late 1940’s.
A separate website is going to be set up for the new “Cervia Supporters Group” and a wide range of special events fund raising and activities is being planned, starting with a concert in April 2014 – more details to follow…