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The largest ‘object’ in the collection is the Steam Tug “CERVIA”, which can be seen at the Ramsgate Museum. Weighing in at over 350 tons, and powered by a massive 1,000 HP triple expansion engine, Cervia is a rare survivor from the pinnacle of steam...

The Thomas Walker 3-abreast steam driven gallopers (carousel) is currently being restored to full working glory. Built in Tewksbury in 1911, this is a truly magnificent set of gallopers, complete with its with original, highly ornate carved wooden horses by Andersons, a fantastic Verbeek 89 Key organ...

"Britannia" is a 1926 Foden C Type 6 Ton steam wagon, an early form of steam powered lorry or truck. Brtiannia is famous for her "Grand Global Tour" of 1968 to 1972, when which she became the first steam powered road vehicle to circumnavigate the...