The Steam Museum | Boiler for CERVIA
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Boiler for CERVIA

The huge portable dockyard boiler just arrived and being prepared to power CERVIA.

It is hoped to be possible to demonstrate CERVIA’s 1,000 H.P. main engine (and attendant machinery) running under steam in the very near future.

To this end, the Steam Museum Trust recently approached the Historic Dockyard, Chatham to investigate the feasability of using one of the ex Royal Navy ‘donkey’ boilers to provide the huge quantities of steam needed to operate CERVIA. The Royal Navy once used these large, wheeled boilers to provide steam to capital ships when moored up. Several of these boilers survive in the Chatham Dockyard and, following discussions between the 2 organisations, it has been agreed to transfer the equipment to the Steam Museum Trust.

It is hoped that work can start on putting the ‘donkey’ boiler into operating condition during next week, with the hope of getting the tug’s engines running again soon… Please keep an eye on this website, or on the Ramsgate Museum’s noticeboard for an update.